ENGINEERING MECHANICS STATICS by Hibbeler – Mühendislik Mekaniği Statik

ENGINEERING MECHANICS STATICS by Hibbeler – Mühendislik Mekaniği Statik


1 General Principles
1.1 Mechanics
1.2 Fundamental Concepts
1.3 Units of Measurement
1.4 The International System of Units
1.5 Numerical Calculations
1.6 General Procedure for Analysis

2 Force Vectors
2.1 Scalars and Vectors
2.2 Vector Operations
2.3 Vector Addition of Forces
2.4 Addition of a System of Coplanar Forces
2.5 Cartesian Vectors
2.6 Addition of Cartesian Vectors
2.7 Position Vectors
2.8 Force Vector Directed Along a Line
2.9 Dot Product

3 Equilibrium of a Particle
3.1 Condition for the Equilibrium of a Particle
3.2 The Free-Body Diagram
3.3 Coplanar Force Systems
3.4 Three-Dimensional Force Systems

4 Force System Resultants
4.1 Moment of a Force—Scalar Formulation
4.2 Cross Product
4.3 Moment of a Force—Vector Formulation
4.4 Principle of Moments
4.5 Moment of a Force about a Specified Axis
4.6 Moment of a Couple
4.7 Simplification of a Force and Couple System
4.8 Further Simplification of a Force and Couple System
4.9 Reduction of a Simple Distributed Loading

5 Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
5.1 Conditions for Rigid-Body Equilibrium
5.2 Free-Body Diagrams
5.3 Equations of Equilibrium
5.4 Two- and Three-Force Members
5.5 Free-Body Diagrams
5.6 Equations of Equilibrium
5.7 Constraints and Statical Determinacy

6 Structural Analysis
6.1 Simple Trusses
6.2 The Method of Joints
6.3 Zero-Force Members
6.4 The Method of Sections
6.5 Space Trusses
6.6 Frames and Machines

7 Internal Forces
7.1 Internal Forces Developed in Structural Members
7.2 Shear and Moment Equations and Diagrams
7.3 Relations between Distributed Load, Shear, and Moment
7.4 Cables

8 Friction
8.1 Characteristics of Dry Friction
8.2 Problems Involving Dry Friction
8.3 Wedges
8.4 Frictional Forces on Screws
8.5 Frictional Forces on Flat Belts
8.6 Frictional Forces on Collar Bearings, Pivot Bearings, and Disks
8.7 Frictional Forces on Journal Bearings
8.8 Rolling Resistance

9 Center of Gravity and Centroid
9.1 Center of Gravity, Center of Mass, and the Centroid of a Body
9.2 Composite Bodies
9.3 Theorems of Pappus and Guldinus
9.4 Resultant of a General Distributed Loading
9.5 Fluid Pressure

10 Moments of Inertia
10.1 Definition of Moments of Inertia for Areas
10.2 Parallel-Axis Theorem for an Area
10.3 Radius of Gyration of an Area
10.4 Moments of Inertia for Composite Areas
10.5 Product of Inertia for an Area
10.6 Moments of Inertia for an Area about Inclined Axes
10.7 Mohr’s Circle for Moments of Inertia
10.8 Mass Moment of Inertia

11 Virtual Work
11.1 Definition of Work
11.2 Principle of Virtual Work
11.3 Principle of Virtual Work for a System of Connected Rigid Bodies
11.4 Conservative Forces
11.5 Potential Energy
11.6 Potential-Energy Criterion for Equilibrium
11.7 Stability of Equilibrium Configuration

A. Mathematical Review and Expressions 598

Fundamental Problems Partial Solutions and Answers

Answers to Selected Problems


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